Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thought Experiment

Okay, I'm going away for a week so I'll leave you with little theoretical exercise: If there was a sequel, what should the next 10 events be? Trust me, no such plans are currently in the works, but if...

Here are my first five. I'll roll out the next five after I return. Meanwhile, feel free to agree, disagree, or add your own thoughts by clicking on the comments section below.

1. World Cup Soccer. My one biggest regret from the first book was not getting soccer in the mix. I've watched a quite a bit of the last two Cup final rounds and I find it fascinating, from the intensity of the games, to the passion of the crowds to the operatic drama on the pitch. The fake injuries alone are enough to keep me spellbound for weeks.

2. Heavyweight Title Fight, Las Vegas. This one is tough, because boxing has had the lifeblood sucked out of it—case in point, there are currently 54 heavyweight champions, all of them from former Soviet satellite countries—but if you could get a post-Olympic up and comer with a little momentum and one of the Klitschko brothers (I'm not sure which one is currently holding a belt or two, or that there are actually even two of them, but...) you could have a real old-fashioned, smell-of-blood-and-money-in-the-air prize fight. I'd like to see that.

3. Duke-Carolina at Cameron Indoor. The hatred, the atmosphere, the closeness of the sweaty little arena, the sight of all those spoiled morons leaving with tears streaking their face paint after the Heels stomp the Devils on their home floor. Hand me a tissue Coach Kry my little heart is breaking.

4. Australia-New Zealand Rugby. The Kiwi All Blacks are legendary and the Aussies have long-been a power. Great rivalry, unique, unfamiliar cultures, fascinating sport. Couldn't ask for much more. Dare I say, scrumdilicious?

5. The Bassmaster Classic. Another one the just missed the first edition. Hey, 15,000 people in an arena screaming their heads off while rock music blares and guys logoed out togs hold up big ugly fish can't help but be fascinating. If you can't find a few interesting stories to tell in that crowd you never will.


Denise said...

Again, I mention the NY Marathon...all 5 boroughs, athletes, enthusiasts and the guy on a dare all running together against 26.2 miles. You cannot beat the drama of watching exhausted runners climb the hill up 5th Avenue before turning into Central Park and blessed relief. When you can stand on the sidewalk and yell out to some one (they all have their names on them) that you could just as easily touch and see how you've impacted their courage to go on, you cannot get more involved in a sport than that. I've been 3 or 4 times now and come to tears every year, sometimes because it's really cold in November but mostly for the guy in it on a dare.

Anonymous said...

A Notre Dame home football game.

As a graduate (twice) of Notre Dame, a South Bend resident, and a life-long fan, I know I'm a bit biased. But I can't imagine being a true fan of college football and not being interested in a trip to the University of Notre Dame for a game. The blogoshpere has many examples of fans from other schools appreciating Notre Dame differently (and positively) after their experience on a game Saturday. From the traditions, to the hospitality of our fans, to the religious undercurrents of the experience, to big-time football still being played without a jumbotron, I think you'll find the Notre Dame experience unique in college football. And I think you'll agree it is worth the effort.

By the way, I used to work on the student paper, The Observer, with George Dohrmann. He kissed my head in the Michigan Stadium press box after we upset the Wolverines in 1993.