Monday, August 13, 2007

Boston Bump

Got a nice shout out this week from the, a site devoted to travel in the Boston area. The guy who runs it is a good dude and if you live in Bean Town you should make his site a regular stop while surfing.

And while you're in Boston, light a candle for the Sox. Here come the Yanks!

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Cara said...

I'm sorry to post this here...but I am a writer for the Pinups for Pitbulls ( blog which can be found here:
and after I read your article in Sports Illustrated about the Vick dogs I just had to try and see if you would POSSIBLY write something for us...and again I'm so sorry to post this here...but I was unable to find your email address on any of the sites.
Thank you so much for your consideration regarding this very important matter. We work so hard to get people to stop being breed prejudiced, it was so refreshing to see someone who has the ability to reach so many people standing up for our beloved dogs!