Monday, April 30, 2007

Ross, Boss, Whoever

So the draft happened. The Giants picked a bunch of guys--including Aaron Ross and Kevin Boss--who I don't know enough about to say anything intelligent. What was far more interesting was my draft experience. Since we were working on our special preview issue of the upcoming Players Championship I had to work on Saturday, when the draft was taking place right across the street from our building. I got in about 10:00 a.m. and the streets were filled with guys in groups of three or four wearing jerseys, helmets, big foam fingers, and, honestly, often a little bit of ketchup that had dripped off something fried. They yelled at each other from across the street and offered high fives to fellas in similar colors. The NFL had blocked off part of 51st street, where they had set up a bunch of interactive displays, including something with tackling dummies and big speaker towers from which they played music, announced the selections and called out the winners of various giveaways. All of which meant that as I sat in my office watching and listening to the draft, I could also look out the window and watch and listen to the draft. Spooky.

On a more exciting note, I'm fortunate enough to be attending the Kentucky Derby again this year, so I'll have a few Derby thoughts and maybe even a few photos to share later in the week. I know, the anticipation is almost too much to bear, but hang in there...