Thursday, March 15, 2007

Net Working It

You may have noticed the nifty new Blog Roll (that's net speak for list of other blogs) in the right margin. As the clever headline indicates, they're all related to the the 10 Things and after reading a lot of bad writing I can also tell you they're some of the best out there on their chosen subject. Some of them, like Goat Riders of the Apocalypse, are worth checking out just because the name is so damn funny. And if you don't know why it's funny check out the Wrigley site, which is entirely devoted to the Cubs Curse. Must say I'm not a big Curt Schilling fan, but his blog is one of the best by a pro athlete I've ever read. Of course, you'll notice I also threw some Nova hoops in there for my own enjoyment. Hopefully yours too. Here's the important part: If a bunch of you click onto these sites from my site, those guys will take notice (with any luck) and link back to me. Then their readers will start to read my blog too. Now, we're really spreading the word. That's what we call "viral" marketing when we're trying to sound smart at cocktail parties. Good luck, click with abandon, and...let's be careful out there.