Monday, September 24, 2007

The Wild Card and A Book Review

I must admit it would be delicious if the Yankees caught the Red Sox and won the division just because it would knock the Sox off the perch they've been looking down from all season, and because it would be a stunning turnaround considering the boys in pinstripes were down 14.5 games in July. Ouch. But the truth is, it doesn't much matter anymore because either way (most likely) both teams will make the playoffs and neither will have home field advantage in the first round. The chase has been intriguing, but imagine how intense it would be if there were no fall back position. Win the division or stay home. People would be hanging on every pitch. Back pages would feature screaming headlines every day. Manny Ramirez would play--well, maybe. If he felt like it. He is only getting paid $18 million. Anyway, the Wild Card has been good, and overall makes things more interesting, I think, but this is one case where, the added intensity of the old days would be nice.

Enough reminiscing, though. Here's a book review I wrote for Live link to the Fanatic home page at the bottom, so if you haven't yet bought a copy of the book, fire away.