Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Pack and The Bastard

Intersting news from Green Bay (sort of). One of the spots I visited while out there in the land of the eternal Danish was City Stadium, where the Packers played their first games. In other words, it's the original Frozen Tundra. Today it's actually a high-school field with only a few remnants of the structure that existed back Curley Lambeau was running the show, but it seems with team will return to its roots this year during training camp to raise money for charity. Click here for details.

On a much more fun note, the aforementioned Cynical Bastard has reviewed my book and posted about it on his blog. It's a fun read as he takes you through the experience start to finish. Funny comments by his followers too. You'll have to scroll down to the post from 7/11 to find it.

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