Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Further Exposure

This was posted last week by our friends at Playboy. Nicely written, and I'm not just saying that because it's complementary:

Send Your Dad to The Masters

Father¹s Day is this Sunday, unless of course you live in a place like, say,

As I¹m sure many of you have, I bonded with my father over sports. Though
now we live in two different places and live two different lives, we can
always talk sports‹one minute on the phone and it¹s like I'm six years old
again and he's explaining the intricacies of the triple-option offense.
Since I won't be able to bring him to a ball game this Father¹s Day, I¹ll
send him to a number of them by giving him Jim Gorant¹s new book Fanatic: 10
Things All Sports Fans Should do Before They Die.

Gorant, who touches on the relationship he had with his father through
sports, spent a little over a year attending 10 of the most important
sporting events and captured the flavor and essence of the happenings in his
charmingly dry tone while meditating on the deeper meanings of sports and
life in general. Somehow he managed to unveil universal truths about love,
father-daughter relationships, commitment, fandom, heartbreak and purity,
all in one lazy afternoon at Wrigley Field.

Gorant¹s list:
The Super Bowl
The Daytona 500
The Final Four
The Masters
The Kentucky Derby
Wrigley Field
Ohio State vs. Michigan
Lambeau Field in December
Opening Day at Fenway

I¹m not quite sure how my top 10 would shake out, but I do know I¹d want my
father in the seat next to me.

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