Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Further Reading

Here are a few reviews and articles that have started to pop up on the web (yes, I find them by Googling myself). First up is this piece for Golfdom followed by another from American Arena that I couldn't have said any better myself.

Speaking with the Today show people on Thursday, so I'll post details of my appearance after that.

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keeker said...

Dear Mr. Gorant,
I enjoyed your appearance on the Today Show. As I strolled by the television I heard "...opening day at Fenway," and was hooked. Your description of the Derby was short and sweet, but it was the smile you wore as you described it that made me want to write this note to you.
Jim Bouton and the other members of the Vintage Base Ball Federation have a collaboration with our non-profit Westfield on Weekends to produce the first World Series of vintage base ball here in my home city of Westfield, MA. When my two sons became Little Leaguers I became aware of how passionate the population of this city is about baseball as a lifestyle. It is that passion that the Federation recognized as an essential element to construction of a period-appropriate stadium, now proposed to be built in this city which has long been described by its most curmudgeonly residents as culturally vacuous.
As a member of Westfield on Weekends, I would like to invite you to attend at least one game of this series. The atmosphere we are working to create to complement the games should be as much fun as the visual beauty of our location in the foothills of the Berkshires.
We're a small group of people trying to create somethimg out of nothing, and I think it will make you smile.
Please visit or for details on the series games, or please email me with any questions you may have. I'll buy the hot dogs.
Thank you
Kate Pighetti