Monday, March 12, 2007

My Ship's Come In

Spoke to the publisher on Friday and they told me that although the official publication date is June 4, the ship date for the book is May 2. That's when the big trucks will back up to the printer and start hauling Fanatic off to book stores. So, now you know when to start sleeping out at the local Barnes & Noble.

On another note, one of the Top 10 events was the Final Four, and now that Selection Sunday has passed and March Madness is officially underway, it's time to talk a little college hoops. Villanova plays Friday night at 9:30 against Kentucky, so set your Tivo and stock up on hot wings. I know one thing, the Wildcats will win. How many times will that joke be made this week? (Weber St., also the Wildcats, is in the same bracket)

Bit of a rebuilding year for Nova, so it's great that they made The Big Dance. Seemed like they deserved better than a 9 seed, but the only thing to do about that is go and win some games. Plus, it gives all the bloggers and internet chat rooms something to whine about. To hear some of that whining, or read more about the Cats check out letsgonova or villanova viewpoint.

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Could you please put up some links for camping gear for those of us new to the "I've gotta have it first" genre a la SONY and Nintendo devotees?