Monday, February 26, 2007

Get off your A and send me some Qs

When you’re getting ready to publish a book one of the things the publisher asks you to do (besides start a blog) is a self Q&A. In other words, interview yourself with commonly asked or anticipated questions about the book, not only to give you practice answering them, but so they can send the Q&A out to various media outlets in the hope that it will inspire them to interview you. I've already begun writing up this scintilating document, but I was having trouble coming up with questions for myself. Any suggestions? Anything you're dying to know? WWMLA? (That's What Would Matt Lauer Ask?)

Send 'em in and as soon as I can fabricate some answers I'll post the whole thing, because that's what you do when you have a blog, you throw every mundane thing you can think of up on the Internet in the desperate hope that someone out there gives a crap. Enjoy!


Roy Zipstein said...

Here's the first question that pops into my mind:
Did you go to all these events as a SI editor with the all the media privilages that go with that or did you do the 'real fan' experience, stand in line, have 'normal' seats etc? If you had the full VIP media experience that wouldn't really reflect how the rest of us would experience the same events, would it?

Anonymous said...

Let me re-pose some important questions from another post:

Who's the screaming "fanatic" on the cover? Is he the actor that will be playing you in the movie? Does he have a mullet? Can I order that jersey in an XL?

Thank you.

Sports Widow said...

What kind of saint is your wife for indulging these sports boondoggles? (An aside: You might want to consider some nice jewelry for Mother's Day.)